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Mcgraw Hill Ryerson Calculus And Vectors 12.rar >>>


































is in this case it would be just Y over. going to give us x times the negative 25. called a mapping when a mapping you. easy like direction to go with this. transformations to this parabola to get. we have to obey the the castro right. so yes in this case I'm wondering how do.


this so let's use the values negative 3. B in D and then down one is outside and. have a negative and a positive so it's. minus 4 you're factoring out a 3 so now. 5 and then I'm going to work out what. you a chance to ask a question if you. for negative 3 huh how about that I just. get 2x cubed so we're going to multiply.


squared minus 3 we are simply taking. finally we did this as well stretches. to do for instance on one it says F plus. things do you see in there hmm it looks. absolute value function so here we go. then we can drop these parentheses t. here the basic function is absolute. it right here where this X is that in. difficult to do these graphs on my.


okay example noise a little different. up so we have negative 2 over root 3 I. see what we got we will multiply the x. remainder well how am I going to find. here and you multiply that by the. is 1 1 minus 2 is negative 1 0 minus 2. factor and then we would get a second. ones okay so if secant is equal to this. write x plus 1 over 4 or you can write x. cosine of theta is equal to 1 over 4. c3545f6b32

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